Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger Maintenance

Written 16 January, 2012

Blogger Maintenance

If I've not been posting much lately it's because I just spent a good month going back through my posts on Blogger and editing them for consistency.

Since there are more than 1800 posts, it took a while.

Blogger is bad for throwing in all sorts of div and span tags. These serve absolutely no purpose (at least insofar as my blogposts go), but screw up formatting big time.

I went back through each posts examining them for consistency and editing html to get rid of unwanted line spaces and add spaces where they had been stripped out. While I was at it I made sure photos were properly sized and positioned.

I had to fight Blogger all the way.

The further back I went, the weirder things got. Photos refused to move to the center position; I had to re-import quite few-- a time-eating procedure, since I either had to find the original or export the photo and re-import it.

In six of seven posts the photos had been corrupted; I had to find the originals and reimport them.

It was all a royal and totally unnecessary pain in the ass. Blogger should be better.

Perhaps it was anal of me, but I'm proud of the blog and wanted it to look right. Now it does, mostly. In a few cases I just gave up and let Blogger pin me to the mat.

I finished the last post a few minutes ago. Yay!

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Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Not anal at all. Some things are very wrong about the current Blogger interface--the "compose" mode doesn't show the effects of those gratuitous spans that easily sneak into an entry, so you get to post or preview and then go back into HTML mode to get them out. It also is VERY eager to take you out of the span you were in if you notice a mistake, fix it, and then click back at the end--you suddenly find yourself typing in a different font.