Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Life Constellation

Written 10 October, 2011

Second Life Constellation

I've been lazy in world of late, making figures out of the Second Life clouds and  just generally indulging my imagination.

Tonight I was lying on my back on the sea decks at Whimsy Kaboom, looking at the stars and thinking about the things I think about-- which is much nicer than thinking about the things I don't think about. And if you get the source of that last, you get a gold star.

As I was idling the night away I remembered an old manuscript Sweetie and I found long ago, buried in the sand at Whimsy.

Before long I was rooting through my inventory, looking for it. What did I name it? Where did I put it? Could I have thrown it out that time I went berserk and megacleaned my inventory? I must have. No! Wait! There it is!

The manuscript shows the constellations of the ancient Second Lifers-- you know, people older than 2005.

By matching the map against the stars in the sky (I derendered clouds to make it easier), I finally made out my first constellation:

Recognize it? Sure you do!

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