Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inventory Count: 17,363

One of 10,000+ items I don't need

Written 3 September, 2008

Inventory Count: 17,363

I hear about people who have only three or four thousand things in their inventory—but I think I was first rezzed with 10k objects, and my inventory count has risen steadily since.

My current inventory count is 17, 363. That’s not AWFUL for someone nearly two years old, but it’s not particularly good, either. I can forsee the day will come when I pass 20k.

 It helped a lot when I got rid of (amost) all of the ridiculous freebies I’d picked up along the way—the penis car, the alpine cabin, the ugly fountains, the badly-textured butt skirts. And it helped when I put all my textures and snapshots into organizers from K&R Engineering. And it helped a lot when I did a search-and-destroy for the About This Product notecards and hovering text scripts and unpack scripts I’d accumulated. And it helped when I deleted the duplicate landmarks that had come with products I had purchased, and when I deleted the calling cards of people I couldn’t remember. But the count continues to grow.

In my defense I’ll say perhaps 1500 items have to do with my Flights of Fancy store. I have at least 300 products in my vendors, and for each item there’s a notecard and at least one photo, and a version of the product in a box. Then there are vendors and signs for the store. It all adds up.

I’m a bit leery of putting a bunch of stuff into a prim and then holding the prim in my inventory; twice I’ve done that, and twice the prim disappeared from my inventory.

What I HAVE found safe is to stuff a prim that remains on the land. And so I have backups of my copyable essential items on a platform high above Whimsy, all stuffed into four or five boxes.

If mounting inventory count should ever force me to, I could put thousands of items into boxes and stuff boxes within boxes within boxes—but it’s awkward, since SL doesn’t allow us to put folders into the contents of objects. Life would be so much simpler if we could!

Ow, wow! I had 154 objects in the trash, which I just emptied! So now my inventory is a svelte 17,209!


TeSa said...

If I could get my inventory down to 17k I would be SO HAPPY! What are you worried about? LOL I have struggled to keep mine at 30k, and know plenty with double and even triple that. All I want is organization! Why cant some clever scripter make a sorter of some sort? I would so pay big lindens for one of these~ Oh, try typing demo in search, watch how many things u get to delete with that :)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Getting textures and photos out of my inventory really helped. I am searching Demos now...

Wooo! Killed 170 items (demo skins)!

Other terms to search:

Unpack or Unpacker
Hover or Hovering or Floating
Notecard or New Notecard

You can also set filters to show scripts and kill off unwanted ones that way; they often come along with purchases.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie says,

I also discovered that if you open the map and click landmarks, you can see in perfect alphabetical order every landmark you have - so repeats show up instantly. I'll open up my map and inventory side by side...whenever i see a useless landmark or multiples i search that in inventory adn boom boom boom. Got rid of 200+ in an hour.

another good search term
Thank you *
Bald * (all those bald caps!)
Flute or Glass or mug * - all those freebie drinking anims

Rules * Both are good ways to dump a lot of RPG sim auto cards you get

Type shirt and you see a bunch of freebie tshirts etc hanging out on their own.

All the pictures stored with clothes and shoes can go

I dropped 50+ just going through and loosing old calling cards for people i had one been friends with but were now off my friends list but still in calling cards.

All Freebie pacs - i dropped and dont miss them at all. anything cool i had pulled out long ago

I tried to sort my clothes in to categories - and in big categories it worked - glamour punk asian everyday lingerie coats. beyond that not so much so i am going to stick to my big categories & then go by designer within them - i know designers better than i know my wardrobe any other way it seems. :)

anyways it seems to work - 12,799 :)

TeSa said...

OOOH the hair thing reminded me, those big packs of hair that has like every color under the sun...are we really going to wear that pea green hair? EVER? LOL /me clicks delete =)